Meet Real Women

You can meet and date REAL women through your friends, your social circle or just by walking down the street. However one of the BEST ways to meet women is through my partners at Hawaii Dating.

Even better they’ve decided to offer 3 Free Dates to guys who read my blog. So tell them that you’re and Island Single guy!

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A Better Date

Ever wondered if there were a better way to meet women than through Tinder, or just walking through Ala Mona or Pearl Ridge and introducing yourself. Tired of going to Sky or Mai Thai’s? Tired of long, expensive dinner dates that go no where?

Hawaii Dating screens women and sets you up with amazing, beautiful women based on your preferences. They arrange a time and location for you to meet for a simple coffee or cocktail date.

Date during your lunch hour, or for a quick Pau Hana. Enjoy the freedom of meeting women on your schedule, women that are hand picked for you.

Mention my site and get 3 dates FREE! There are tons of amazing women waiting, all you have to do is register.